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Market Wrap November 2021: Mixed investor sentiment abounds

Global shares rose 5.4% and 1.7% in hedged and unhedged terms, respectively. The market was led higher by US stocks with the Nasdaq (a tech-heavy index) up 7.3% while the benchmark S&P 500 index was up 6.9% (both in USD terms) as investors were positive on the September quarter earnings results with tech giant Microsoft up 17.9% as one example.

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Editorial November 2021 – Teaching your kids healthy money habits

With a few simple changes, you could set a good example for your children.

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Market Wrap October 2021: Energy and Evergrande fear arise

Global shares fell 3.8% and 3% in hedged and unhedged terms, respectively. After a period of strong outperformance, growth stocks led by US tech names were the worst performers in September. Inflation fears amidst energy supply issues in China and Europe was one driver. The prospect of reduced central bank support with lower bond purchases was another.

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Editorial October 2021 – Five tips for looking after your household’s finances

Take the pain out of managing your family’s finances with some simple tips every family can use.

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Market Wrap September 2021: Risk-on environment persist

Global shares rose 2.7% and 3.1% in hedged and unhedged terms, respectively. The market was led higher by US tech stocks as investors anticipated a slower economic growth environment in which more cyclical names will struggle.

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Editorial September 2021 – Is it time to get your Will up to date?

We have a few months left before the busy Christmas and school holiday period is upon us, so now is the time to think about whether your financial plan needs to be reviewed in light of any changes to your circumstances this year, and if your Will is up to date and estate planning is in order.

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inTouch Q3 2021

Welcome to the Q3 edition of inTouch for 2021. This edition outlines planning tips for this current financial year, with lots of points raised that you can discuss with your financial adviser now, to stand you in good stead for the remainder of the financial year.

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Editorial August 2021 – There’s an app for that

It seems we are increasingly using apps in everyday life. Apps can help us manage certain aspects of our lives, tap into things that are of interest to us, or keep track of different goals.

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Market Wrap August 2021: Stocks continue to ignore bonds

Global shares rose 1.8% and 4% in hedged and unhedged terms, respectively. Growth stocks outperforming following strong earnings results by tech companies such as Alphabet (owner of the Google search engine).

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Market Wrap July 2021: “Risk on” markets continued

Global shares rose 2.4% and 4.7% in hedged and unhedged terms, respectively. The rotation to stocks benefitting from economic recovery reversed in June with growth stocks e.g. US tech performing strongly.

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