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Editorial August 2022 – What to consider when transferring your wealth

We spend a lifetime generating wealth but few of us spend the time to ensure it’s passed on in the way we want it to. Having a plan in place for how and when you want your wealth to be transferred, will help all parties understand your intentions and the process.

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Editorial July 2022 – Making good decisions

Planning for a future where super is essential – but only one part of retirement planning – is where financial advice matters. Many people can manage single-focus decisions. It’s in situations of complexity – where trade-offs between present and future needs must be managed – that an expert, almost clinical view can be so valuable. A quick look at some typical Australian investor groups is instructive.

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Market Wrap July 2022: Investment Struggle

Global shares had a poor month (-4.6% unhedged and -8.1% hedged). As expected, unhedged outperformed hedged in a “risk-off” environment, helped by a depreciation in the Australian dollar.

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Market Wrap June 2022: Both equities and bonds sell-off

Global shares: it was another difficult month for the asset class with declines of 0.8% (unhedged) and 0.2% (hedged), although some markets (particular in Asia) were able to eke out gains.

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Market Wrap May 2022: Both equities bonds sell-off

Global shares had a poor month. Global equities (-3.2% unhedged and -7.4% hedged) significantly underperformed the broader Australian market during April.

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inTouch Q2 2022

Welcome to the second edition of InTouch for 2022, in what has already been a year of many changes on both the world stage and domestically with a new federal government.

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inTouch Q1 2022

Welcome to the first edition for 2022. It has been another eventful start to the year in many respects, but what continues to remain consistent is our focus on keeping our clients informed of the latest opportunities that may impact their personal financial plan.

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Editorial June 2022 – First Home Super Saver Scheme – How does it work?

From 1 July 2022, if you’re a first home buyer you can release up to $50,000 (up from $30,000) from your voluntary super contributions to help you buy your first home.

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Editorial May 2022 – Who to nominate as your beneficiary

Nominating your super beneficiary is something you have most likely been asked to do if you have a superannuation fund.

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Market Wrap April 2022: Australian Equities Perform Well

Global shares had a mixed month. Due to upward movements in the Australian dollar, on an unhedged basis, global shares were down 0.9%, but on a hedged basis were up 2.9%. In a fairly similar result to last month, global emerging markets fell 5.6% over the month.

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